Image Prevalence

1. People like images more than reading a tunk of words; images bring ideas into people’s eyes clearly. Sometimes images impress people because of a certain idea or a certain detail was agreed. And a lot of times, when people look at an image, they could easily reveice the message, and some images give people space to think, and enjoy the moment when they understand these images, and share ideas with others to get different compressions from others. Different people read images differently, some are based on region, religion and culture, thus different messages people get from an image are very. Therefore, when making images, thinking about the audience and compare it with the message the maker wants to carry out, and compremise meanings for various of people is very important.

2. Unlike commercial videos and films, graphic design brings up a singal image with fully information the maker or producer wants people to get. It is clear, simple, meaningful and easy to pass on the message–posters and propoganda. Even a poster for a film needs images to represent the looking of characters, locations and events of the film. Graphic design is a very wildly using tool to express ideas, for example, laptops–the hardware of laptops, different model of laptops, fasions–dress, shoes, handbags,etc…

3. I have no idea who he is, and I am international, so I don’t vote. But what I think of his failure of using internat effectively is because people couldn’t have a strong impression from him. He wants people to vote for him, but these people couldn’t see him in person only through internet. Thus, the internet plays a big roll to present him. He lost people’s interests on him because even if I want to know him, I wouldn’t stay on a ‘words-website’ or a fake-looking website more than 5 mins. Probably show some images of him doing effective work for people, some writing about events he went, and his promises to people would be effective.

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